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2013 Yearbook now available in print!

2013 YUN Cover

Following the 16 February release of the online edition of the sixty-seventh volume of the Yearbook of the United Nations, covering the Organization’s global activities in 2013, the publication is now available in print. The Yearbook, as Secretary-General António Guterres states in the Foreword to the volume, "provides critical information for people today and lessons for the diplomats of the future”.

Fully indexed, the 33-chapter, 1,605-page Yearbook includes all major General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council resolutions and decisions, uniquely placing them in a narrative context of United Nations consideration, deliberation and action. In preparing the work, the Yearbook editorial team researched and drew information from over 10,000 UN official documents pertaining to all aspects of the work of the Organization.

The Secretary-General also noted that this latest addition to the Yearbook collection "documents the armed conflict in Syria, including the sarin attack on Damascus that took place in August. International concern over this attack led to the United Nations Joint Mission with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons—which went on to win the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. These pages also cover the United Nations response to the sharp rise in violent extremism and terrorist attacks around the world; efforts to end violence and alleviate suffering in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and elsewhere; the landmark Arms Trade Treaty in April; and the foundations for a legally binding treaty to ban nuclear weapons that came to fruition in 2017. The year 2013 also saw Member States recognize the need to do more to address the challenges of international migration, and to build on the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals by shaping a new framework for a sustainable future".

The Yearbook of the United Nations, 2013, volume 67, xiv + 1,605 pp., Sales No. E.15.I.1 H, ISBN: 978-92-1-101331-6, eISBN: 978-92-1-057851-6, can be obtained through bookstores worldwide, and ordered from United Nations Publications Customer Service, PO Box 960, Herndon, Virginia 20172, United States of America, or from

All volumes of the Yearbook collection, dating to the 1946–47 edition, can be accessed in full online on the Yearbook website: The Yearbook Express, also available on the website, features chapter introductions to selected Yearbooks in all six United Nations official languages. The Twitter account @UNYearbook provides an historical perspective on current United Nations activities and concerns.