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In addition to the Yearbook of the United Nations collection, the United Nations offers several Internet-based information resources to assist researchers and anyone who wants to learn more about the Organization and its work.

United Nations Research Guides:

This website, maintained by the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library, provides a number of tools, including those described below. It also contains links to individual subject-based research guides and to other UN system library services.

Documentation overview

This is a starting point to learn about UN documents and the principal UN organs. It also provides access to a list of resolutions adopted by the Security Council, General Assembly and Economic and Social Council.

UN documents research tools

Here you can find instructions on how to find UN documents, resolutions, reports, meeting records and speeches, voting records and letters. 

Database links:

The United Nations Official Documents System (ODS)

classic interface: Search by symbol or full text search. Search by agenda item number, session number and/or subject.

Google interface: Search by symbol or full text search. Search by agenda item number, session number and/or subject.

The ODS features a full text search tool for UN official documents issued since 1993, as well as the resolutions of all principal UN organs and Security Council plenary documents since 1946. Older documents are added regularly. The ODS database includes the Daily Journals of the New York and Geneva duty stations.

United Nations Digital Library

The United Nations Digital Library, curated by the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library, provides access to United Nations-produced materials in digital format free of charge.

UN Member States on the Record

This website provides direct access to UN official documents that reflect the actions of United Nations Member States, including documents related to entry to the United Nations, statements made at General Assembly debates and draft resolutions sponsored by countries.

Meetings coverage and press releases

The website features meetings coverage and press releases issued from October 1995 to the present. United Nations press releases are not UN official documents, but nonetheless often contain useful information on the sessions of major UN bodies, including speeches, resolution texts and voting records.

UN Journal

The UN Journal provides a daily program of meetings taking place, summaries of meetings held the previous day and a list of UN documents issued.

Treaty collection

The Treaty collection website features a database of multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary General in full text.

Other, topical yearbooks published by the United Nations and its related agencies include:

The Yearbook of the International Law Commission

The International Trade Statistics Yearbook

The United Nations Demographic Yearbook

The United Nations Disarmament Yearbook

The United Nations Statistical Yearbook

United Nations Juridical Yearbook

African Statistical Yearbook

Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean

Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific

Energy Statistics Yearbook

Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook

FAO Statistical Yearbooks

FAO Yearbook. Fishery and aquaculture statistics

International Court of Justice Yearbook