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Yearbook Pre-press: 2017

YUN Pre-press watermark

The Yearbook Pre-press complements the published Yearbook collection, offering draft chapters and detailed chapter research outlines from Yearbooks currently in production. The Pre-press is updated frequently as new material becomes available.

Please note that Yearbook Pre-press chapters do not represent the final edited versions that will appear in published form, nor do Yearbook Pre-press chapter research outlines necessarily represent the final form and content of the chapter as it will be drafted and edited. Pre-press material is made available as an additional service to readers and researchers, and in reflection of the fact that the Yearbook Unit works simultaneously on researching, writing, editing and finalizing multiple volumes of the Yearbook.

Yearbook Pre-press chapters feature edited, copy-edited and typeset material, but will undergo further editing, proofreading and layout before publication.

Yearbook Pre-press chapter research outlines include prospective headings and subheadings, along with hyperlinked symbols of pertinent United Nations consideration, deliberation and action (including General Assembly and Economic and Social Council resolutions and decisions, as well as Security Council resolutions and presidential statements), along with relevant corresponding UN official documentation. Towards filling out the Yearbook narrative context, the Yearbook Pre-press chapter outlines make occasional use of UN non-official documentation (such as press releases and statements, or certain annual reports), or, even more rarely, of other sources—those, however, only for background purposes.


Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization Download
Part 1: Political and security questions
Chapter 1: International peace and security
Chapter 2: Africa
Chapter 3: Americas
Chapter 4: Asia and the Pacific
Chapter 5: Europe and the Mediterranean
Chapter 6: Middle East
Chapter 7: Disarmament
Chapter 8: Other political and security questions
Part 2: Human rights
Chapter 1: Promotion of human rights
Chapter 2: Protection of human rights
Chapter 3: Human rights country situations
Part 3: Economic and social questions
Chapter 1: Development policy and international economic cooperation
Chapter 2: Operational activities for development
Chapter 3: Humanitarian and special economic assistance
Chapter 4: International trade, finance and transport
Chapter 5: Regional economic and social activities
Chapter 6: Energy, natural resources and cartography
Chapter 7: Environment and human settlements
Chapter 8: Population
Chapter 9: Social policy, cultural development and human resources development
Chapter 10: Women
Chapter 11: Children
Chapter 12: Refugees and displaced persons
Chapter 13: Health, food and nutrition
Chapter 14: International drug control and crime prevention
Chapter 15: Statistics
Part 4: Legal questions
Chapter 1: International Court of Justice
Chapter 2: International tribunals and court
Chapter 3: International legal questions
Chapter 4: Law of the sea
Part 5: Institutional, administrative and budgetary questions
Chapter 1: United Nations restructuring and institutional matters
Chapter 2: United Nations financing and programming
Chapter 3: Administrative and staff matters
Appendix 1: Roster of the United Nations
Appendix 2: Structure of the United Nations Download
Appendix 3: Agendas of the United Nations principal organs
Appendix 4: Intergovernmental organizations related to the United Nations